San Francisco Here We Come:Tickets go on sale for the34th Americas Cup.

They have a number of options either on the water or on the piers The

tickets start at 15$ on the piers. Also, piers 27/29 and marina village are free

on a first come first serve basis. Summer racing kicks off on July 4th-

September 21 and the schedule for the Americas Cup is on

The Americas Cup will boost San Frans economy: Mayor Lee, announced

that there will be an outreach initiative organized for local businesses to grab

hold of the 1 billion dollar revenue that San Francisco will pull in from

theAmericas Cup events. All in all, because of this event, it will eventually

lead to future jobs San Frans want to see!

Jason Timmonds

Americas Cup and US Sailing make new website

US Sailing, the national governing body of sailing joined forces with

Americas Cup and Ian Murray to start a new website called,  for people who want to learn how to start sailing. It

describes from the types of boats to where to sail and everything in between.

Look at the new website on or

Jason Timmonds


When the wind comes across the boats on opposite sides, the boat with the wind on the left (port) side must give way to the boat with the wind on the right (starboard) side.

When the wind comes across the boats on the same side and they are not overlapped, the boat behind (clear astern) must keep clear of the boat (clear) ahead.

When the wind comes across the boats on the same side and they are overlapped, the boat on the windward (upwind) side must keep clear of the other leeward (downwind) boat.


The start is critical
4-minutes before the start the boats enter the starting area and begin an intricate, furious pre-start duel, with the two boats engaging in a furious one-on-one battle to gain the controlling position on the race course. At the starting signal the boats will cross the start line and begin the first windward leg to the windward mark.

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 Oracles five man crew preparing for September: The five man crew 

who will be contending for the 34th Americas Cup are Jimmy Spithill

(skipper), Sam Newton (wing trimmer). Kinley Fowler (jib Trimmer), Rome

Kirby (runner), and Piet van Nieuwenhuijzen (bowman)

Jason Timmonds



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